Happy Kitchen

Have you ever wondered how clean the kitchen is at your favorite restaurant in DC? Whether it's an expensive restaurant, a sketchy carryout down the street, a grocery store, or even a food stand, Happy Kitchen pulls in DC health inspections reports to tell you just how clean they are. The app displays restaurants within a radius of your current location.

Each store receives a smiley on a scale of 4 based on their most recent inspection: very happy (no issues), happy (minor issues), concerned (some issues), or frown (severe issues).

All smileys are based on data from the Department of Health (DOH) and are assigned based on their most recent inspection.* When you click on a store, you can view a list of their most recent inspections with links to the full report.

Download for iPhone and iPod Touch

Very Happy

None or almost no violations



Very few violations



Several critical violations



A high amount of critical violations

*DISCLAIMER: The smileys system used in this app and this app in general are not endorsed or in any way associated with the District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH). Even though it is based on DOH data, the smileys system is subjective. This app is a good-faith effort to make government data more accessible to consumers and is intended for entertainment purposes. Consumers should regard reports on the DOH's website as the ultimate authority. While we will do our best to keep reports up-to-date, inspection reports may not always be up-to-date for all establishments and consumers should contact the DOH for the most up-to-date reports. This app and its creators are not connected with, endorsed by, or otherwise associated with the DOH or any establishment listed in this app. Since we pull our information directly from the DOH, there may be some inaccuracies, duplications, or other errors with the data; any errors in the DOH's information may be replicated in the app. All smiley rankings for establishments displayed in this app are determined by an algorithm based on their most recent health inspection and are not manually altered. If consumers have any health concerns about a particular establishment, they should contact the DOH.